As our firm continues to grow, so does our need for bright well-qualified people. And when Marks Group had a job opening for a client onboarding specialist, our President and Chief Investment Officer already had a candidate in mind. Jeremy worked five years as a senior banker and brokerage associate at Wells Fargo’s Minnetonka branch and Ben, who lives down the road, was a frequent visitor. Jeremy made such a positive impression in their banking conversations that Ben recruited him (successfully) to Marks Group in early 2018.

Jeremy’s primary responsibility is helping new clients get up and running quickly and efficiently. New account paperwork, 401(k) rollovers, establishing online access, beneficiary info, statement preferences, and banking info… Jeremy has you covered. He grew up in Mound, MN, and has a degree in Finance from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Jeremy spends much of our short Minnesota summers cruising the purifying waters of Lake Minnetonka. He and his girlfriend Katie recently bought their first home in Plymouth.